A New Puppy

Meet Lexi


Today is Friday and I’ve got some news. Where do I start… well… I got a puppy! Frankly, I’m still trying to comprehend the whole situation! I mean, it’s a puppy! We picked her up on Tuesday, 24th May from Dunmanway here in Cork. Coincidentally, she turned 9 weeks on the same day! Lexi is a black Labrador if you are wondering.

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A Day with my Family

Cork City


Today is Saturday. We had a lovely summer’s day in Cork again with a beautiful blue sky. Seldom do we get a sunny summer’s day in Ireland so town was flourished with families shopping in the summer air. It really made for a lovely atmosphere. As usual, I brought my camera and took far too many photos. Join my cousin, my nan, my mum and I as we wander through shops and cafés. Enjoy!

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A Day in the Sun

Crosshaven, Cork

Today is Sunday, I went for a walk and brought with me my new camera. Unsure of where to go, I wandered my local area until I saw a sign mentioning Crosshaven. Crosshaven is a small village neighbouring my own town. It’s famous for its beautiful summers and sailing. I often go to Crosshaven but today, my trip was made extra-special. Strewn across the village were trees and benches covered in hand-made knitwear. 

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