Planner First Impressions

Filofax Pocket Patent Planner “Lemon” and New Washi Tapes


I’ve always been a bit odd when it comes to stationary and organisation. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a tidy person, but god dammit am I a peculiar person. I have endless routines and lists that I commit to on a daily basis in order to clear my often scuttled mind. However, all the lists and routines in the world could not patch the missing space in my organisation heart, I wanted a planner. And not just any planner, a yellow planner. I scoured the internet for hours upon hours in search of my rather particular request. That’s when I found my dream planner. The Filofax pocket patent planner in the shade “lemon.”

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Organic Oatmeal Biscuits

Easy, healthy snacks for on the go!


Today is Thursday. I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that porridge does not sit well with me. I’ve given up on attempting to like it after wasting half a bag of porridge oats on numerous failed attempts. Not wanting to waste any further food, I decided to find a recipe which uses porridge oats. What’s the recipe you may ask? Well here it is, my twist on classic oatmeal biscuits. Enjoy!

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A Day in Kildare Village

A shopping trip to Kildare Village with Family


Today is Monday. We started the day with a 2 hour journey from Cork to Kildare. Our destination, Kildare Village, is a collection of high end shops known for its beautiful decoration and prime spot for day trips. Unfortunately for me, you need a large bank account to afford the items here, but they do often have excellent sales.

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A Day with Marilyn

An exclusive, never before seen Marilyn Monroe exhibition


Today is Sunday. Along side with my aunt and mum, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to “Newbridge Silverware” in Kildare and catch an exclusive glimpse at authentic Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. In one word, the experience was surreal. I couldn’t comprehend the fact that these items all belonged to her, not only did she touch them, but she kept them for the duration of her life. Jewellery, dresses, makeup, letters and drawings, all possessions of Marilyn Monroe never before seen by the public eye. Here’s a sneak peak just for you!

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