Planner First Impressions

Filofax Pocket Patent Planner “Lemon” and New Washi Tapes


I’ve always been a bit odd when it comes to stationary and organisation. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a tidy person, but god dammit am I a peculiar person. I have endless routines and lists that I commit to on a daily basis in order to clear my often scuttled mind. However, all the lists and routines in the world could not patch the missing space in my organisation heart, I wanted a planner. And not just any planner, a yellow planner. I scoured the internet for hours upon hours in search of my rather particular request. That’s when I found my dream planner. The Filofax pocket patent planner in the shade “lemon.”

I ordered my planner from and was told the planner should arrive within 7-9 business days. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it reached me 8 days later. The planner arrived inside 2 cardboard boxes. The first box was unfortunately a sight for sore eyes, quite dishevelled and a bit kicked in. However, the inner box was in perfect condition, and so was my planner. The packaging of the planner didn’t stand out to me in any particular way,  just a thin layer of mesh-like wrapping paper containing the usual Filofax, plastic packaging. Contrary to other reviews online, my planner thankfully arrived without any scratches or scuffs. It was perfect.


It came with an assortment of different inserts, including the Filofax 2016 weekly pages, lined and unlined pages, coloured pages, graph paper, numbered dividers, a ruler, a plastic pocket and a pink Filofax dashboard (which I have since removed). The paper is great quality and is perfect for anyone new to the planning scene, like myself.


The binder itself is quite sturdy but still flexible enough to allow for bulking. Being that this is the pocket size, the rings are on the smaller side, just a heads up! I knew this prior to buying the planner and don’t intend on filling it up too much anyways. However, the rings are very strong and have no fault so far.


Upon opening the planner, you will find 2 card slots on the inside of the binder cover. Behind them, is a sleeve which can fit an assortment of files or pages. There is also another sleeve in the back of the planner which I like to store my stickers in! I must say that I really do enjoy the layout of the Filofax planners. Perfect for minimalists like myself but also offer a perfect canvas for any bolder people out there!

To bring this first impression to a close, let me ask myself a simple question. Would I recommend this planner to a friend? Yes. I love everything about the planner, the layout, the design, the texture, the colour and size. If the pocket size does not suit you, there are many others available to buy, along with a wide variety of other colours and materials.


I also picked up some washi tapes from the shop “NinjaWashi” on Etsy and thought I would include them as a little bonus! Aren’t the designs just beautiful? A darling brand that I would definitely buy from again.


I have also filmed a YouTube video for anyone who wants to see a physical review of the planner. I will insert the video here! On the topic of YouTube, I will film a planner tour once I am happy with my set up. For now, that’s it! I hope you found this beneficial and look forward to hearing all of your planner experiences in the comments below!

-Lara x


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