An Itty Bitty Haul

Vintage, pastels and more…blog post 1

Town was amidst with glimmering droplets pelting from the sky, another rainy day in Ireland. The gloomy weather was not enough to stop me from wandering the streets of Cork City with my friend, as we ventured thrift stores and second hand shops in search of hidden treasures. Here’s what I found;

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Filofax Planner Set-Up Tour

(August 2016)


I am completely new to the planner community, and quite frankly, am entering it quite blind. I am rather peculiar with organisation and planning, so I am over the moon that I’ve found a set-up which suits my needs and puts my mind at ease. You can also find an in depth review of the planner I use here. I hope you appreciate my planer style and leave my blog inspired! Enjoy!

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