Filofax Planner Set-Up Tour

(August 2016)


I am completely new to the planner community, and quite frankly, am entering it quite blind. I am rather peculiar with organisation and planning, so I am over the moon that I’ve found a set-up which suits my needs and puts my mind at ease. You can also find an in depth review of the planner I use here. I hope you appreciate my planer style and leave my blog inspired! Enjoy!


IMG_4300 c

To begin, I am over the moon with the exterior of my planner. I went for very soft colours, sticking with yellow and grey/silver. My adorable key-ring is from Claire’s and my metallic pen is by the brand BIC (black ink).



This vintage-esque image I found online perfectly encapsulates my style. Not only was it a perfect colour match with my planner, but it also features these darling, white kittens! What’s not to love?



These are the Filofax dividers that came with my planner. Initially, I was going to make my own, but the colour actually matches my yellow binder really well so I decided against it. Instead, I just personalised them! I have 3 dividers, marking my 3 main sections.

1.) Planner 2.) Business 3.) Personal



Upon opening my planner section, you will find labelled inserts (which I created myself on Photoshop) indicating the months. And on the back of these monthly inserts, you will find a mini calendar, outlining important events for that specific month.


Within a given month, you will find a month’s worth of weekly inserts, example of one week above.


And at the back of the month, you will see a “line a day” diary feature with room to make daily diary entries for that specific month. (I made these inserts myself on photoshop)



My business section, or what I prefer to call, “My Little Office,” is where I keep all my banking details, income and expenditure logs and all things business. For obvious reasons, I will not show you a lot of what is inside this section, and also because it is pretty boring!



In the final section of my planner, I keep all my miscellaneous to-do’s and lists. For example, my “Books to Read” lists and “Horror Movies to Watch” lists are in here too. I also keep a map of the world in a Filofax pocket folder for inspiration, as travelling is at the tippy-top of my bucket list!



I have resorted to using the Filofax ruler as a bookmark and love how clean it makes my planner look. Definitely recommend this tip!


If you are wondering what pen I use, it’s actually a fountain pen! I’ve always loved writing with fountain pen and adore the way blue ink looks! But also, being the vintage fanatic I am, it also secretly makes me feel like I’m writing  an important letter in an olden film.

-Lara x


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