An Itty Bitty Haul

Vintage, pastels and more…blog post 1

Town was amidst with glimmering droplets pelting from the sky, another rainy day in Ireland. The gloomy weather was not enough to stop me from wandering the streets of Cork City with my friend, as we ventured thrift stores and second hand shops in search of hidden treasures. Here’s what I found;



I picked up these beautiful earrings from an Enable Ireland shop in town. The petals of the flowers look like opal gems which glimmer and reflect a multitude of pastel shades in the sun. I am obsessed with these beauties and can’t wait to style them with some of my favourite outfits.



Next I picket up these doty pink pumps from Penneys (primark). When I saw the price tag, I knew I couldn’t leave them behind, however, in my haste, I picked up the wrong size so need to pick up a new pair.



Then I found something very special from Hickeys. I used to always make shortbread biscuits in the shape of bunny rabbits as a kid, but unfortunately lost the cookie cutter and that past time no sooner ceased to exist. But now, that all changes as I’ve found a near replica for a brilliant price!



And finally, my favourite purchase, this beautiful copy of “The Great Gatsby” from Waterstone’s Bookshop. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. It’s pastel, vintage and slightly creepy illustration is a perfect addition to my hoard of unnecessary decor.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to check out my other blog posts!

-Lara x


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