Skincare Routine

October 2016


Skin Type: Dry and sensitive

If you’re a fan of beauty and makeup, then you are probably already aware of how important skincare is. If you’re not, then take my word for it… you should be! No matter how expensive your makeup is, if you are not looking after your skin, the makeup you apply will not sit right on your face. Think of it like painting. If you start painting on an old, tattered canvas, the paint will catch and just won’t co-operate very well. It’s the same with makeup, the better your base is, the better your finished product will be.

It can take months to find a routine and products that work for your skin. I would advise visiting a well reputed makeup counter or doctor for advice on what skin type you have and the co-coordinating skin products which correlate with your skin. After that, it will take a lot of trial and error until you find a skincare regime  that works for your face. Remember, what works for my skin may not work for yours. Skincare can be  tedious and tiring at first, but once you find a routine that works for you, I promise you won’t regret it. All skin types require care so take your time and have patience! Other than that, let’s begin!

1.) After dampening my face with warm water, I take my “Vanity Planet” face brush (with the daily facial brush head) and work my favourite cleanser into my skin for approximately 1-2 minutes. The cleanser I use is by the brand “Botanics” and it is a great product for a cheap price.img_5715IMG_5740.JPGimg_5379

2.) Then I mix a small amount of my FAVOURITE moisturiser, “Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream” and this excellent sunscreen by “Garnier” and apply it to my entire face. This is the only sunscreen I’ve found that doesn’t break me out or give me uneven texture. Make sure to be very gentle with your skin while doing this step.img_5722img_5742img_5698

3.) Then I finish my skin routine by coating my lips with a lip balm. My favourite is by Vaseline in the cocoa butter flavour. This smells incredible! However, when on the go, I prefer to use “Dr. Rescue,” by Maybeline for on-the-go hydration.img_5751img_5746

Thanks for stopping by!

-Lara x


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