A Festive Makeup Tutorial

Sugar Cookie

A festive makeup tutorial for those of you out there looking for a natural, flushed but equally cute look this winter. Inspired by Christmas cookies and candels. Grab some tea and enjoy!


I applied a creamy lavender shade called “Pause for Applause,” by Benefit to my crease as a transition colour. I love how it matches my vintage earrings!


Next, I applied “Baby” by Urban Decay to the centre of my lids for some Christmas shimmer.img_6267

Top it off with the shade “Pop” on the inner corner and centre of the lid for an extra “oomph!”img_6274

And if you are anything like me, that glitter was just not enough, so I went in with the Estée Lauder lip-gloss in the shade “Innocence Shimmer” all over my lid.img_6012

I finished the look by adding a pound of rose-gold highlighter to my cheeks, on top of a powder pink blush placed only on the tip of my nose and outer corners of my eyes. IMG_6017.JPG

Add some gloss and you’re done!img_6073

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial as much as I did creating it. I’ve really been loving more natural looks lately so let me know what you think! This is the first of my festive blog posts so I hope you enjoyed! Lot’s of love,img_3833

-Lara x


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