A Festive Look

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas! This year, I embraced my love for texture and pastels when choosing my outfit for Christmas day. As usual, I kept it very natural and youthful, wearing a classic denim skirt and keeping my hair in its natural state. I wore no makeup, besides a white eyeliner on my waterline and across my nose in the form of faux freckles. I also included a recipe for my favourite Christmas treats, “shortbread snow bunnies!” Hope you enjoy!


My cardigan is a recent purchase I picked up from my trip to Forever 21 in Dublin! I absolutely love this cardigan. Not only is the colour heavenly, but it feels so cosy and warm.


The beautiful mock neck poking through my cardigan is actually a dress from H&M I bought last year. Lace detailed blouses help achieve that vintage, Victorian look I oso love.


My skirt is also from H&M but you can find these everywhere at the moment! I paired it with black tights but I think this look would also work really well with white tights as an alternative.


For shoes, I opted for my favourite black boots. These lace-up beauties are from Penneys/Primark.


On my nails, I’m wearing my favourite everyday shade by Sally Hanson in the colour “Arm Candy.” It gives the nails a pale, milky coverage while still remaining super natural and pretty.


And now, what you have probably been waiting for, the shortbread. I came up with the idea of snow bunnies after finding a rabbit shaped cookie cutter at my local supermarket. Shortbread is definitely my favourite type of biscuit or cookie, so I decided to make it “holiday” appropriate by sprinkling them with icing sugar to imitate snow, hence the concept “Snow Bunnies.” I did end up leaving some bare for comparison but they still tasted amazing!


Mix 5 oz icing sugar and 10 oz butter together before adding 10 oz plain flour and 5 oz Corn flour until the mixture forms a dough (I also added one tablespoon of water to bring the dough together.) Let this sit for a minimum of approximately 1 hour in the fridge (I left mine for around 3) Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celcius. When the shortbread is done setting, roll the dough out to an even thickness of about 3-5mm. Cut out your bunnies and place on a flat baking tray (making sure the tin is greased or else has a layer of grease-proof paper on top of it) Bake for 10-15. (NOTE: these burn quick so be careful!) Finally, sprinkle with the icing sugar once cooled and with that… you’re done!


I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

-Lara x


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