A Planner Unboxing & First Impression

Dokibook Discagenda Planner 

For Christmas, I decided to order myself my dream planner. For so long, I searched for the “perfect” planner for me, but to no avail. I had just began to give up when my eyes caught sight of the rose gold discagenda planner. I had never heard of the brand, “Dokibook” before, all I knew was that this planner was not only the style and structure I wanted, but also the exact shade I had in mind. I bought the planner on sale from the official  Dokibook website for €17.00 (plus an additional €9.00 p&p to Ireland.)



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I ordered my planner on December 16th and it arrived to me with time to spare on December 30th. It came in the usual Dokibook packaging within a brown parcel. Everything was in tact and in perfect condition. I have zero complaints in regards to the delivery of my package. Upon ordering the planner, I was immediately sent a confirmation email and felt very confident with the way in which my order was taken care of.


This picture gives you an idea of the size of the planner. I ordered mine in the personal style. I couldn’t have wished for a better size. It fits snugly into my handbag and is not too big or chunky to carry around with me on a daily basis. I really am over the moon!


The interior, as shown, is exquisite. I think the off white lining of the planner is very sleek and I cannot find any faults or errors in the design and overall aesthetic. I personally want to use this planner as a notebook cover (which is why I didn’t buy the optional ring binder insert at checkout) and the Dokibook website states that it can also fit a maximum notebook size of 190 x 140 mm. If you have any notebook recommendations, leave them in the comments below! I’m looking for one with blank paper if possible.


There are 4 small pocket/slits on the left sleeve (perfect for stickers, cards etc.) and one large pocket on the right. I intend to keep either a memopad or travellers sketchbook in the latter. One of my favourite features is the pocket. I think this feature gives the planner such a cute and quirky quality and is also super beneficial for storage and organisation.


The button closure is extremely secure and well made upon my initial inspection. Of course, this is a first impression of the planner, so I have not yet been able to properly test the ware. However, with the excellent quality of the material, I have high hopes that this is in fact a very durable planner and I have little doubt in my mind that this planner will be able to withstand my weekly routines. There is also a brilliant pen holder on the right side of the planner, made from a stretchy material, allowing for a multitude of different sized pens.


One thing I will point out on the overall aesthetic of the planner is that I wish the button on the closure was more silver. It runs a goldish-silver rather than a true silver like the interior. Even then, that’s a bit of a nit-picky observation on my part, nothing actually crucial to my opinion of the planner or brand. I also wasn’t expecting there to be so much texture on the exterior of the planner, I thought it would be smooth like a patent material. However, I actually don’t mind the finish and I find that it helps prevent scuffing to the binder which is great!


I really am in love with this planner and have to give it two big thumbs up! I’ve lusted for a metallic pink/ rose gold planner for as long as I can remember and now I can finally say I own one. It’s a bit sad how much happiness I get from a planner to be perfectly honest with you. Like I said, it’s definitely more pink than gold, which I am super grateful for. I’m so excited to start using it in 2017!



I will definitely be making a couple of follow up posts on my planner in the future, but first, I must actually make a routine! I would love to know if any of you use planners and how you like to organise yours.


-Lara x


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